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My custom made Pioneer XDJ-700 stands

Since I have a small mancave, I was looking for some stands or mounts to place my XDJ-700 players on. The benefit of putting them on a stand or mount is that they take up less space on your desk, since they’re ‘hovering’ above your other equipment.

For the CDJ-2000 players, there are multiple options available. For example: the Zomo P-2000 or the DAP-Audio D8378.

For the less popular XDJ-700 players however, which are considerably smaller, nobody seems to manufacture a comparable solution.

That’s why I decided to design my own custom made XDJ-700 stands. I fired up SketchUp and came up with this design:

3D Render of a custom made XDJ-700 stand

I first looked into letting 3D print this design, but soon discovered this would not be a viable option from a price perspective.

Then I found there are companies that laser cut and fold aluminum plates based on your requirements. One of those companies is https://www.aluminiumopmaat.nl (which stands for made to measure aluminum).

They let you send them your design and let you choose a RAL color in which the aluminum plate will be coated. After a few days you receive a quotation.

Next, I needed some brackets to mount the plates on. After a lot of browsing online, I found these monitor wall mounts on AliExpress: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/33017290280.html :

Measurements of the monitor wall mount

Add some nuts, bolts, spacers and rubber feet and you end up with a very convenient end-result:

Finished XDJ-700 mount #01
Finished XDJ-700 mount #02
Finished XDJ-700 mount #03
Finished XDJ-700 mount #04
Finished XDJ-700 mount #05

When I’m not using the XDJ-700 players, I can simply collapse them inwards which saves up some space.

Interested in making you own XDJ-700 stands/mounts? Here’s the SKP and STL file for the aluminum plate:

Download SKP
Download STL

Overview pic:

Overview picture of the DJ booth