Q: I would like to see some example commands

Q: Is it possible to update APK files automatically?
A: Due to limitations of the Google Play Store this is currently not possible. However, the command functionality can help you find the right apk files more easily.

Q: I would like to check if the installed applications on my device are up-to-date
A: First of all, your device needs to be rooted. Afterwards perform the following steps:
  1. Install Android Terminal Emulator and open the application.
  2. Type "su" (without quotes) to get root.
  3. Type "mkdir /mnt/sdcard/tempappfolder; cp /data/app/*.apk /mnt/sdcard/tempappfolder" (without quotes)
  4. Connect your phone through USB as Mass Storage Device
  5. Add the corresponding folder from your sdcard to the Scan Folders in LocalAPK (in my case: "F:\tempappfolder")
  6. Refresh the APK's in LocalAPK
  7. Afterwards you can delete the "tempappfolder" from your sdcard